This exhibition has insights into the "young logic" behind the era of customization

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On December 23, the three-day 2021 Chengdu Customized Home Furnishing Exhibition came to an end. Customized companies and upstream supply chain companies from across the country will showcase their new products, new models, new services, and customized products in Chengdu West China International Expo City. Various links in the industry chain, through multiple presentations, forums, and sharing, deliver the latest information, first-hand data and observations of the future, wonderful data releases and point-of-view sharing, so that the winter home circle will become lively again .

These phenomena are kind of interesting

Behind this lively exhibition, we have seen some interesting phenomena in the era of customization.

First of all, the status of the brand is getting younger and younger. Whether it is products, marketing, or even visitors, we are seeing more and more young elements. Sofia’s Milana’s Internet customized home furnishings, Yilian’s whole house customization has brought Kuanzhai Zhijia, which has just been launched this year, and Siniman has also brought a new model of community the store online, open the store Open to the door of the community, to department stores, urban complexes, and even office buildings. On the surface, it is the location change of home furnishing stores. The deeper reason is the change in consumption habits-young people have lost interest in professional hypermarkets. More willing to spend time on things you like, such as werewolf killing, such as room escape, such as watching talkshow. Buying furniture is still on the way from get off work or socializing, just take a look. Therefore, opening stores closer to their daily lives and entering their life scenes has become a new choice for many brands.